If the death has occurred at home and was expected, you should contact the Doctor who attended the deceased during their final illness. If the Doctor is able to establish a cause of death, they will issue a death certificate, stating the cause. You will then take this to the Registrar.

If the death has occurred in a nursing home or hospital, the staff will advise you on the issue and collection of the death certificate.

If the death was unexpected, the attending Doctor or medical person will refer the death to the Coroner, (the Coroner is a doctor or a lawyer responsible for investigating unexpected deaths) often via the police who will take a statement. A further examination may be required, i.e. a post mortem, to establish a cause of death.

The Coroner will issue a certificate and give permission to proceed with the funeral arrangements.( If the Coroner is involved, it can sometimes cause the funeral arrangements to be protracted).Following the Coroners investigation into the cause of death, the deceased’s body may be released into our care.


The death must be registered by a registrar of births and deaths within 5 working days. An appointment system is now in place at all registrar offices and so you need to telephone first to book an appointment.

You need to collect the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death before contacting the Registrar.

When you go to the registrar you need to take with you:-

  • The death certificate (issued by the doctor), unless the death has been referred to the Coroner.
  • The deceaseds birth certificate and/or medical card (if available).

The Registrar will require the following details of the deceased:-

  • The full name of the deceased
  • Their home address
  • Occupation
  • Their date and place of birth
  • Date and place of death
  • If a married lady, her maiden name and her husband’s name and occupation
  • Date of birth of surviving widow and widower

Registrar will automatically issue free of charge:-

  • Green certificate for A.Slater & Sons, for the funeral
  • White certificate (if issued) to go to the local National Insurance Office, with pension book, if applicable